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People that just shouldn't own or think about cars....

Sooo JDM it hurts? Maybe if it was possible, hahahaha!

Mindlabs B Boy: or i was thinkin
Mindlabs B Boy: i could get a mail jeep
Hessemer69: I've never seen one before this one
Mindlabs B Boy: and lower that
Mindlabs B Boy: get some airbags for it
Mindlabs B Boy: some nice rims
Hessemer69: hmm
Mindlabs B Boy: 10 15's in the back of that puppy
Mindlabs B Boy: and a JDM conversion
Mindlabs B Boy: that would look sick
Hessemer69: yeah
Mindlabs B Boy: lol
Hessemer69: JDM conversion for a mail Jeep?
Mindlabs B Boy: but hey
Hessemer69: uhh, WTF?

Did that guy even realize what the heck he typed there? I mean geez! *shakes head in disbelief*

He did say it right though, that truely WOULD look sick, hahaha Sick as in GET sick. ;)!
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