Jaron Arcade (jaron95) wrote in teamlegacy,
Jaron Arcade


Specifications for the 4-rotor are:
- 3 piece eccentric shaft
- Peripheral ported
- 3mm MFR Carbon Apex Seals
- Power (PP Version): 682bhp @ 9700rpm
- Power (Twin Turbo Version - ESTIMATED):1450bhp @ 7200rpm
- Guru Stationery and Rotor Gears
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Damn that thing's beautiful.

If I were to go and build the ultimate street cars... it'd be one of those, in a FD body.
That 1450bhp twin-turbo kills me!
Holy motheif rotory and carbunation power, Jaron! =0 So would that be like the equivallent to that VW W16 motor they are developing?
Doesn't Cadillac already have a 16-cyl prototype?
Yeah they do, it was at the auto show supposedly? Maybe it was the Detriot one (lame!). Anywho, WAY back in the 30's Cadillac actully produced a limited run of a car with a HUGE V16 in it. It looked like a Bonnie and Clyde kind of car, hehe.
As a small additional bit of trivia... Mazda basically used that engine (4-rotor NA) in the 787B to win the 24Hr of Le Mans in 1991. In 1992 the rotary engine was banned from Le Mans.

Mazda is the only Japanese company to ever win the Le Mans. Mazda's rotary is also the most reliable finisher in the history of Le Mans. 67% of the cars it's entered have finished. Next closest has 55%. (Note, Honda does have a better record, with 100%... but they've only entered 3 cars in the entire history, which isn't enough to really count).
Sweet! And people say the rotary is unreliable.

I say, they're just irresponsible!
I believe people who say that don't know that they're supposed to add oil in their cars and don't properly warm/cool the car.
not to mention the only rotary engine to ever win Le Mans 24hr. but according to GT3, 787b is slower at accelerating and decelerating and worse at handling than any F1 car. even though they have similar power/weight ratio and weights.
Well, aerodynamics and fuel load, more compromises on the car to live the 24hrs.

... geez, didn't realize how dead this thread *is*
holy mother of all that is good and pure. ha, and you laughed at me when i said i wanted a 4-rotor...
hahaha, yeah and I still laugh. That thing costs like $100k from Mazda!

I think this one was $30k AUS. Probably from a third-party or aftermarket company. I'm a little fuzzy on the details.
One day My FD will have a 4 rotor he he he =P