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Team Legacy Racing/Customs' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Team Legacy Racing/Customs

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Team Legacy has moved! [25 Apr 2004|11:10pm]

Due to recent requests for LJ community membership, it has come to my attention that an official announcement was never made regarding our abandonment of this shared journal.

Please find us at our new home: www.team-legacy.org.

Management ;)
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Wack! [15 Jul 2003|11:45pm]

[ mood | busy ]

This LJ needs some serious action like the way hoes need pimps. =D

Worked on Holly today. Did the rear camber washer adjustment thing. Not all that hard to do. The upper control arm bolts were a bizatch to break the seal and loosen up. I hope I don't have to adjust them again because I coated the new bolts I put in place with TONS of thread locker, haha! That's what they recommend, other wise they could loosen up and then my suspension could come unsprung on me. :( Not good. I couldn't really tell if it fixed my camber much at all or not though, we'll see though by tire wear. Ok, getting an alignment in the morning at 10am, that is all.

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4-rotor [23 Feb 2003|05:07am]


Specifications for the 4-rotor are:
- 3 piece eccentric shaft
- Peripheral ported
- 3mm MFR Carbon Apex Seals
- Power (PP Version): 682bhp @ 9700rpm
- Power (Twin Turbo Version - ESTIMATED):1450bhp @ 7200rpm
- Guru Stationery and Rotor Gears
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Alright.... [22 Feb 2003|02:03am]

[ mood | creative ]

I have a project for Holly tomorrow I'll work on, it's a little electrical project, and NO, doesn't involve LEDs either. ;p I'm gonna bring my drill along for it though because that I may need... See you all tomorrow, I'm gonna try to be at Bri's by 10:15 the latest. I gotta jam around 4pm though if not slightly earlier since I work from 6-10. :(

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CA18DE for sale :) [10 Feb 2003|06:55am]

On PH??

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Oh man... so awesome~!!! SUGOI! [04 Feb 2003|02:54am]

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People that just shouldn't own or think about cars.... [23 Jan 2003|01:57am]

[ mood | worried ]

Sooo JDM it hurts? Maybe if it was possible, hahahaha!

Mindlabs B Boy: or i was thinkin
Mindlabs B Boy: i could get a mail jeep
Hessemer69: I've never seen one before this one
Mindlabs B Boy: and lower that
Mindlabs B Boy: get some airbags for it
Mindlabs B Boy: some nice rims
Hessemer69: hmm
Mindlabs B Boy: 10 15's in the back of that puppy
Mindlabs B Boy: and a JDM conversion
Mindlabs B Boy: that would look sick
Hessemer69: yeah
Mindlabs B Boy: lol
Hessemer69: JDM conversion for a mail Jeep?
Mindlabs B Boy: but hey
Hessemer69: uhh, WTF?

Did that guy even realize what the heck he typed there? I mean geez! *shakes head in disbelief*

He did say it right though, that truely WOULD look sick, hahaha Sick as in GET sick. ;)!

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[22 Jan 2003|09:57pm]


Your eyes do not decieve.
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Holy crap! Check out this car alarm! [05 Jan 2003|07:53am]


Crazy cool.
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Holy mother of JDM, Batman! =0 [04 Jan 2003|11:35pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

I picked up the headlights for Jaron. As I sat here examining them over (I'm the official QC tester now ;) ) I discovered that the headlights he saw that I picked up for him, have CITY LIGHTS in them! That means these babies are JDM to the fullest, and sill accompany his JDM Visions PEFECTLY! =D Only thing is, one of them is missing the socket, so he'll need to pick them up, along with the wiring/harnesses for the city lights, which I'd gladly wire up for him if needed so. :) You got a good deal her Jar! :w00t!: haha

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Version 2.0 [04 Jan 2003|02:01pm]

Team Legacy Online - Version 2.0

now with new and improved format and a message board.
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It's a seeeeecret! =D [03 Jan 2003|03:32pm]

[ mood | creative ]

As soon as I get home from work here at city hall, I'm gonna go to work on a couple small projects I thought of today, to have ready for tonight hopefully... We'll see how it goes. :) To be continued tonight at our meet up. I'll just say it involves some what should be JDM'ness, and a LED, but not in any sense you all can think of for the LED. hehehe ;D

On another note, I need to talk to you tonight Brian about maybe hitting up Inline Four sometime tomorrow for them rotors.

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Silver Deuce sighting! [02 Jan 2003|02:03am]

I saw this MR2 on the freeway tonight, while driving to Tea Zone with Patty. Damn thing is clean as hell... and the guy's a member of SoCalMR2.com too! He goes by the screenname "silver deuce", and from his posts he seems like a good guy. I'd like to pick his brain about Two's sometime...
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Latigo time! [30 Dec 2002|05:44pm]

We got challenged!
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Regarding "crankwalk" [30 Dec 2002|12:18am]

This problem involves the crank bearings on 4G63 (the turbo motor) engines in 1995-1999 cars. The problem seems to be that excess play in the crank bearings can cause the crank to travel ("walk") back and forth along its axis of rotation in the block, eventually wearing out the bearing housings and potentially damaging the block itself. (That's bad.)

The biggest indicator that you might have this problem is a clutch pedal that stays stuck to the floor, especially after making left hand turns. (The crank slides over and the flywheel slides away from the clutch, so the clutch won't engage...). If the play in the crank becomes bad enough, it breaks the crank angle sensor off the end of the crank, and the motor shuts down completely.

"Crank walk" is often mis-diagnosed by dealer technicians. We've heard of car owners replacing multiple clutches trying to fix a clutch problem, when the problem was really crank bearing wear.

This seems to be an increasingly common problem on the 95-99 turbo DSM's. We have heard firsthand of dozens of cases, and online reports seem to suggest that the numbers are in the many hundreds.

There are several theories about why this happens, including bad crank machining, oiling problems at the bearings, and excessive bearing cap tolerance. So far, no theory is proven, since the problem takes years to show up, and none of the possible solutions have been in place for that long.

So yeah. That sucks.
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JHP, Pitcrew, Impex, and the pics I hoped I'd never have to post [29 Dec 2002|01:58am]

Two posts in one, both cross-posted from my own LJ, but I wanted to put them here too.Collapse )
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Be careful out there doggs... [27 Dec 2002|11:31pm]

[ mood | surprised ]

I just survived about the worst case of understeer I've ever experienced on my car, or ANY car for that matter. I was on my way home from work tonight, and I was heading south on Altadena dr. at about 45mph, and I slowed for the turn onto Villa st. which takes me the back way to my house, no dips to go through this way. So I take the turn at about 35mph, nothing I haven't done before, taken that turn quick and nice, Ok, maybe this time it was a little faster than typical, but I turning in REAL nice initially, then all the sudden my car stopped turning, and understeer took over, tokk me ALMOST totally into the opposing lane (at least this street is pretty empty at night) and I could just hear my tires screeching away. For a split moment I could picture myself kareening into the curb on the opposite side of the street. Then I let off the throttle and my rear whipped back around so quick, it almost sent me into the curb on my right since I didn't expect it to snap back so sudden, not really snap, but it whipped around very quickly. One of 3 things went wrong I think...

1. My suspension just wasn't set stiff enough for such a quick and tight turn
2. My tires are wearing down enough that precious grip isn't as good as it used to be
3. I really just too the turn a little faster than normal

I'm not thinking so much #3 because it didn't seem any faster than anyother time. And to think I was ALMOST going to E-brake that turn too. ;p

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Hmm... [27 Dec 2002|02:47am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Since I get out of work at midnight tomorrow (friday) what do you all say we have our usual Legacy meet on saturday when we meet up for going over to JDMhondaparts, and like have breakfast beforehand somewhere. That would be cool, a daytime Legacy meet. :) Comments?

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Rota Group N [26 Dec 2002|10:25am]

Did you guys know that Rota makes knock-off Mugen RNR's now.

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A little FYI... [25 Dec 2002|11:49pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Erick won't be meeting up with us this friday, he's gonna be gone in Texas for the weekend he told me tonight on AIM, just wanted to give you all a heads up. I'm scheduled to be off work at midnight, so I dunn if that would be too late for me to meet up with you all, let me know. If I get out early, I'll be sure to call one of you guys up ASAP, I have Jaron's celly, maybe if someone could email me Patty's or Nic's celly numbers? Thanks

Oh yeah, Bri is Inline Four gonna be open this weekend? I'd really like to get those rotors saturday if I can, I'm not working that day so I'm trying to knock out as many birds with one stone as possible.

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