Matty Matt (phixion) wrote in teamlegacy,
Matty Matt

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A little FYI...

Erick won't be meeting up with us this friday, he's gonna be gone in Texas for the weekend he told me tonight on AIM, just wanted to give you all a heads up. I'm scheduled to be off work at midnight, so I dunn if that would be too late for me to meet up with you all, let me know. If I get out early, I'll be sure to call one of you guys up ASAP, I have Jaron's celly, maybe if someone could email me Patty's or Nic's celly numbers? Thanks

Oh yeah, Bri is Inline Four gonna be open this weekend? I'd really like to get those rotors saturday if I can, I'm not working that day so I'm trying to knock out as many birds with one stone as possible.
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