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Be careful out there doggs...

I just survived about the worst case of understeer I've ever experienced on my car, or ANY car for that matter. I was on my way home from work tonight, and I was heading south on Altadena dr. at about 45mph, and I slowed for the turn onto Villa st. which takes me the back way to my house, no dips to go through this way. So I take the turn at about 35mph, nothing I haven't done before, taken that turn quick and nice, Ok, maybe this time it was a little faster than typical, but I turning in REAL nice initially, then all the sudden my car stopped turning, and understeer took over, tokk me ALMOST totally into the opposing lane (at least this street is pretty empty at night) and I could just hear my tires screeching away. For a split moment I could picture myself kareening into the curb on the opposite side of the street. Then I let off the throttle and my rear whipped back around so quick, it almost sent me into the curb on my right since I didn't expect it to snap back so sudden, not really snap, but it whipped around very quickly. One of 3 things went wrong I think...

1. My suspension just wasn't set stiff enough for such a quick and tight turn
2. My tires are wearing down enough that precious grip isn't as good as it used to be
3. I really just too the turn a little faster than normal

I'm not thinking so much #3 because it didn't seem any faster than anyother time. And to think I was ALMOST going to E-brake that turn too. ;p
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