Jaron Arcade (jaron95) wrote in teamlegacy,
Jaron Arcade

JHP, Pitcrew, Impex, and the pics I hoped I'd never have to post

We took a tour to a few of the many motorsports shops in the San Gabriel Valley today. It was jaron95 (me, duh), phixion, kaneto, legacyspeed, legacycivic, and his gf, Linda.

We met up at IHOP, but they were too crowded, so we drove to Denny's and ate breakfast. Then we went to jdmhondaparts.com and checked stuff out. I got an OEM strut tower bar for $30, to replace the Skunk2 one that was stolen. :) We quickly bored of that place, but it was still too early to call it a day, so we decided to check out another shop.

We were gonna go to Impex, but Brian kinda ditched us on the freeway and we got all separated. Matt almost killed himself on this 15 MPH offramp, and then he lost us and ended up going to Pitcrew Motorsports. I paged him w/my cell # and he called me back & told us how to get there. They had the Skunk2 exhaust for $425 (good price!) and used OEM headlights for $150/pair (unexpectedly steep for used parts).

From there, Matty Matt LED us to Impex. There were two Lotuses and a Ferrari parked outside. I didn't really see anything else there that I liked, though. =\ We considered driving down to Irvine and checking up on Area 51, but they didn't answer their phone.

Anyway, it was a pretty fun day. I made it home in time to take a nap before Patty picked me up to go to work... so it all worked out in the end. =)

Here are the pics of my car, post-theft-recovery. =(

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